7 Quick Takes Friday — Seven People/Groups/Organizations That Are Incurring My Wrath

7 Quick Takes


Social Security Administration: Get off your butts and process my son’s case. You’ve had the information for a month and a half already!!! If you’ve lost the paperwork, let me know so I can at least get copies to replace stuff.


Medi-Cal: Get off your butts and process my son’s case. I know you’ve had budget cuts and have sooooo many cases blah blah blah. Again, you’ve had the paperwork for a good long time. Get off your butts and do something!!!


People who park at the library on flea market days: I’ve mentioned this one before. It’s still pissing me off. The sign is in English and Spanish. I know you can read at least ONE of those languages. PARK ELSEWHERE. You’re preventing people from accessing the library because you’re clogging the parking lot and the access road to the book drop.


Congresscritters trying to gut Medicare: Is it just me or does anyone else find it “amusing” that the ones trying to get Medicare cut apart are the ones who HAVE government pensions (and huge salaries) and aren’t going to be screwed in their old age by lack of access to affordable medical care? Yeah, I thought so.


People who cut into congested traffic without using their turn signals: Seriously, this is dangerous. I can’t read your mind and suddenly careening in front of me is not the best idea, especially at 70 mph. (The speed limit may be 65 mph but the flow of traffic is at 70.) Be thankful that I’m alert and not one of the people jawing away on their cell phones (HOLDING THEM) while they drive. Otherwise, things would really suck.


People who park their *MASSIVE* SUV’s in “compact” parking spaces: You must be blind because there is no other compelling reason for thinking that you can fit your Suburban in that parking space. Then again, they granted you a driver’s license so you must be able to see and read the word in that parking space — you know… “COMPACT”. You also must think I’m made of paper and can squeeze in there to get into the car or that I *LOVE* getting into the car through the passenger side. Guess what… I don’t! Park your gas guzzler elsewhere please.


Sarah Palin: Ahem… could you stop grandstanding and claiming that you’re “not running for President” when in fact, you’re trying to drum up popular support for a run by your “tour of American sites”. I wish the media would stop trying to chase you and focus on something else more constructive. You’re a freaking moron and God help us if the Republican party picks you as their candidate in 2012. And really… since when is Trump’s condo an “American site”?

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  1. Love the post! And yes, Sarah Palin terrifies me. Sadly, I can somehow picture her being the Republican candidate. That scares me.

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