7 Quick Takes: Admissions That Will Make Me Lose Readers

7 Quick Takes

I’ve been pondering the idea of doing this for awhile. Here are seven admissions that will probably cause me to lose readers. None of these are open to debate — they’re things that are part of me or decisions I’ve made after careful consideration and consultation with professionals.


I take birth control pills. I can see the Catholic readers from Jen’s site fleeing as well as some of my readers who are staunchly anti-contraception. Before people start lecturing me on the state of my soul, I should probably explain a few things. Firstly, I mainly take them because my PMS is so severe that it can land me in bed during that week. After Daniel’s birth, I also started having hot flashes and dizzy spells. The pills moderate out my hormones so that I can be functional. Secondly, me pregnant is *NOT* a good thing. I would be on bed rest for 9 months and that’s not a viable option at the moment with Daniel needing so much of my time and care. I’m married to someone who works insane hours so I’m pretty much it as far as the person who can take care of him, arrange his therapies, and verbally abuse argue with insurance/SSA/Medicaid. Lastly, having a huge family is not a good choice for me with the fibromyalgia — the fatigue and pain make keeping up with Daniel hard enough. I know the risks of being on the Pill and with my (thoroughly Catholic) doctor’s help in Montana, we found one that had the fewest side effects for me. I also go in for my exams like clockwork so I’m at least being monitored.


I would rather pull my fingernails AND toenails out with pliers than vote for any current Republican candidate. The idea of Sarah Palin as president makes me want to repatriate myself to another country… like maybe Afghanistan. Michelle Bachmann is just as scary. None of the others are any better and because I live in California, I live in fear of almost putting the state up on eBay (Meg Whitman) or selling it to HP (Carly Fiorina). The only positive for the loser who represents my district in Congress (Dan Lungren) is that he’s put forth a bill to make it a felony to shine a laser at a plane.


I honestly want to vomit or throw something at the TV whenever John Boehner or Mitch McConnell (especially him) come on. Maybe it’s just me but I think that it’s positively ludicrous to have two white men who are independently wealthy and will have fat government pensions upon leaving Congress decide my healthcare needs and how important Medicare/Social Security are. I’m seriously praying that Obama wins in 2012 because it’s the only shot I feel like I have to get adequate medical coverage when companies stop being able to discriminate in 2014. I also have a kid who receives SSI and Medicaid and without those, we’d be up a creek without a paddle. All those therapies cost money and we couldn’t afford them if we didn’t have government help. I also just feel like Boehner and McConnell don’t give a rat’s butt about the people that actually *NEED* the services they want to cut and are just playing partisan games.


I hate summer. Where I live, it can be in the 90-100 degrees F range easily and I just don’t want to go outside when it’s that hot. Additionally, I’m fair-skinned and I burn if I even think about the sun. I’d be better suited to the Pacific Northwest than the part of northern California where I live. Unfortunately, this weather can stretch into October so I have at least another three months of hell before things hit a reasonable temperature.


I think that Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose-Driven Live is a piece of pop culture crap. Many people swear by it. I’d prefer to swear at it. It’s pop culture drivel like Joel Osteen and it does positively nothing for my faith. I tried reading it and had to stop at Day 32, by which point my copy was beaten to a pulp from me throwing it across the room multiple times a day.


I can’t stand the sound of kids crying or whining in church. This makes it doubly hard with Daniel because he’s at an age where he isn’t going to sit still and he wants to pick up everything, shred papers, and crawl down the aisle. I simply can’t keep up with him most of the time and I feel like people who tell me that they don’t mind the screaming are lying to make me feel better. Thus, I’m not making it to church much these days. (I’ve also had personal illness, family emergencies, and other things preventing me.) I’m going to talk to my church ladies this Wednesday to find a solution for this.


I have no desire to see the Harry Potter movies. I’ve read all seven books multiple times and seen the first three movies. It bugs me when the movie doesn’t follow the plot of the book which made movie #3 an annoyance to me.

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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Admissions That Will Make Me Lose Readers

  1. The third HP movie annoyed me, too, but I have to keep watching them, anyway. I kept going, “Why did you ADD stuff that wasn’t in the book, when you already had to take out important stuff????”

    I think the experience of raising a child w/special needs makes you look at the whole political thing differently. I have another post to write on that topic (thanks for the reminder), but here’s where I stand on politics right now: http://bit.ly/qPeFiK

    As for birth control…well, I’m an NFP teacher, but I know things aren’t quite as black & white as we want them to be. Not knowing your whole history I can’t comment except to say that finding a NaPro-trained ob/gyn changed my whole experience of matters related to fertility. It is possible (though I can’t say for sure) that there might be another solution that would allow you to live in tune with your body. And I’m definitely not one who thinks you have to have a dozen kids to be following God’s plan. πŸ™‚ Some people are called to that, others not.

  2. Nope, none of this stuff will make me stop reading your blog! πŸ˜€ Birth control is awesome and if anyone thinks less of you because you take it, well, it’s their problem and not yours.

    All the current Republican candidates make me want to hurl, too.

  3. Well, you won’t lose me!! πŸ™‚ I’m on B.C. too (three kids is PLENTY for me!). You and I can form our own country if Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann gets elected! I don’t currently have the healthcare issues/battles that you are dealing with, so I’m going to trust you on Boehner/McConnell. Never read Rick Warren’s book, and whiney kids in church/restaurants bug me too. I take mine outside.

    As for summer… I love it. Yes, it is hot, but I’ll still take it over cold any day! And Harry Potter… honestly, I read the books so long ago, that I don’t remember enough to realize the movies aren’t following along. I still enjoy seeing the movies.

    Keep on keeping it real and being honest on your blog! That’s what makes us read it!

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