7 Quick Takes — Things to Do Instead of Watching Endless Hours of TV on 9/11

7 Quick Takes

Sunday is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and that fact hasn’t escaped me. I’m sure there will be televised memorials and lots of footage of the towers falling. Thing is… we know it happened. I have memories of that day and of the prayer meeting that happened when the entire seminary crowded into Schenk Chapel at noon as well as the prayer meetings in the coming days. I also memories of sheer terror when it came to board a plane to fly home at Christmas and having to take some Xanax to even make it through security. I’m not going to deny that all of us were changed by it in some way; but I have a problem with those in the media and elsewhere who want us to stay mad about it instead moving on with our collective lives.

My Quick Takes this week are all about things to do instead of dwelling on what happened ten years ago.


Go to church. The Gospel lesson that day according to the Revised Common Lectionary is Matthew 18:21-35 which is about forgiveness. The alternate Old Testament lesson? Joseph forgiving his brothers. I think that the message here is that we’re preaching forgiveness and moving on this Sunday.


Do a service project. This is actually what President Obama has called for us to do. Why not re-author the meaning of the day by making it a day of service to others? Collect food for a food pantry. (They’re getting more clients and getting desperate.) Clear some nature trails. Hold a blood drive. Plant a tree. Put together care packages for soldiers. Do SOMETHING to help someone else.


Go to the movies. I’m the last person in the world to know what’s playing this weekend but there’s probably something good? I went on Yahoo Movies and it looks like The Help is kicking butt and taking names. (I couldn’t get into the book but I’ve heard good things about the movie.) On the coming soon page, it says that Contagion and Warrior are coming out. If you’re into thrillers and mixed martial arts, go see those.


Have a picnic. Even if you live in a concrete jungle, there has to be someplace you can go and picnic. Trader Joe’s has some good recipes. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby, check out Whole Foods. If you don’t have either one, go to your local grocery store deli and get sandwiches or something.


Go to IKEA. This sounds cheesy but it’s kind of a fun experience. They have great food and if nothing else, you can walk through a bunch of showrooms and explore.


Read a book. I’m almost all the way through the Lumby books. I also recommend anything by Jan Karon, Charlene Ann Baumbich, Phillip Gulley, or Joan Medlicott. All of them write about small town USA and the ideals that a lot of people have about what the heart of America is.


Go to the zoo. If you have a zoo nearby, go on Sunday. If you happen to go to the Bronx Zoo, M.I.A. the Bronx Zoo’s escaping cobra is claiming that you can get in half price if you bring a glass cutter.

Again, I’m not advocating the idea of forgetting what happened. I just feel that it’s more productive to do things other than giving into our sensationalized media.

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  1. I like one and two a lot. You’re right, sitting in front of the TV all day doesn’t do anything except bring up a lot of emotion and frustration for many. Helping someone else or praying could be a great way to make something out of a tragedy.

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