7 Quick Takes — Seven Finds via Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes

I was supposed to be at the Sacramento Zoo on Friday with the family but it’s supposed to be 98F here tomorrow and heatstroke isn’t on my list of things I love. Anyway, I decided to do my Quick Takes this week about people and blogs I’ve discovered from doing them. Enjoy!


Kathleen @ so much to say, so little time: She actually found me and we’ve bonded over discussing Easter Seals and my love of snark. I read her because she talks about disability issues and just life with little kids. She’s also a FASCINATING person.


Angie @ The Jammie Girl: Angie is hysterically funny. I recommend her post on the top ten things not to do in the carpool line. She is one of the few blogs where I can laugh to the point of tears at her writing.


Katie @ Blessed with Full Hands: I’m living life vicariously through Katie because she’s an amazing runner and I wish I could run. She’s also training for a marathon and not whining about doing it like Heather of Dooce.Com is. (Heather, you’re getting to run said marathon with Christy Turlington Burns and it’s for charity. Stop whining.) Katie also homeschools her kids and I love reading about what they do.


Dwija @ House Unseen: Dwija and her husband bought a house sight unseen and moved their kids from southern California to Michigan. Can we say “has serious faith and guts”? Things are tough for them at the moment because her husband is having problems finding a job so please pray for them in that direction. Having said that, I love seeing the various things they’re doing to remodel.


Ed @ Catechesis, the Clown, and the Circus: Ed is a DRE (Director of Religious Education — note: this does not equal “youth minister”) at a Catholic church in Minnesota and he seems to have a sense of humor similar to mine. We’ve had some conversations across our respective blogs about life as church workers. He makes some excellent points and I recommend reading his blog for the perspective.


Jamie @ A Year in Skirts: Jamie embarked on an experiment starting in August in which she will wear a skirt or dress every day for a year. (You can read about the reasons on her blog.) I love finding her entries in my feed reader and seeing what she happens to be wearing that day.


George @ Convert Journal: George and I met over his blog — or rather he met my snarking pseudonym first and I introduced myself when he responded back gracefully. Truthfully, we’re on opposite sides of the spectrum politically and he has a convert’s zeal about the Roman Catholic Church. He does, however, keep me honest.

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at ConversionDiary.Com.

5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes — Seven Finds via Quick Takes

  1. Oh, this is a cool idea for a post! I have to say – I don’t have a good enough memory to know whom I’ve met via 7QT versus other random Internetting. But I suppose you count, right? 🙂

  2. Awww! Thanks for the shout-out! I also love finding people online with whom I don’t share every nuance, yet can really respect and converse intelligently with. I swear, my blog reader is getting out of hand!

    I’ll have to check out the carpool line post. That looks awesome! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much! The carpool post is STILL the one people most commonly stop me in the grocery or wherever and want to talk about – usually because they had a horrible carpool experience the day before 😉

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