Church Woman Karma

Yesterday, our WELCA president asked Jon if I could help stuff newsletters today. My answer: OF COURSE!!! Granted, I’d be the only one there under 65 years old; but these women are cool and they make a fuss over me, which is nice because I have no family close by to do it. Besides, I need to build up some good church woman karma for Jon’s first call and get something on my resumé for candidacy (since my committee doesn’t think I’m Lutheran enough). So… I set out to help them at 11 this morning and we stuffed the 500 weekly newsletters, stopping for lunch around 1. (They treated me to Wendy’s. How sweet of them!) Jon and I took them to the post office and God willing, they’ll actually reach people in time for the service at Flory Park on Sunday.

In addition to stuffing newsletters, we talked about things and one of the subjects was a verse that P couldn’t find. During a break, I snuck into Jon’s office and looked it up on The Unbound Bible. It was Psalm 30:5 which states:

For His anger is but for a moment,
His favor is for a lifetime;
Weeping may last for the night,
But a shout of joy comes in the morning.

It’s an interesting verse, considering all that the church has been through in the last few weeks. The funerals are over and people are starting to move on. I am still overjoyed that F and G were in church on Sunday (since MANY people stop attending church after the death of a loved one). I found out that G encouraged F to attend the 10:00 service on Sunday because it was the one she attended with D for so many years. I’m thankful he did that — F needs to adjust and we as a church need to know how we can help her with the adjustment. If I hadn’t already been sitting with people last Sunday, I would have hung out with them. People have told me that she’s doing better, which is *VERY* good to hear. Aside from F and G, our older active members are also mourning and I’m really praying for something to help them. Their ranks have been really hurt by the deaths and I’m wondering how the next Faith After 55 meeting is going to be.

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