Palm Sunday

the palm sunday service at messiah was wonderful. lydia and her old housemate david were with me. david reminds me of my friend tom newton — kind of goofy and all. processing in was fun and being with the two of them rocked.

when i got to high street for lunch, a guy walked in and started taking food. joan went over to him and gently explained to him that the food was for the college students but he could make himself a sandwich if he liked. he left in a huff. apparently, he had come to the front during second service and started preaching. pete got him to stop by playing the next worship piece and slowly increasing the volume. i’ve been told that he goes to local churches and feels like he needs to preach to them. the room suddenly silenced when he walked in. i think we did the right thing by offering him the food but i still felt super uneasy.

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