Bad Worship

If you’re from Trinity Lutheran Seminary and you stumble across this entry, please leave promptly, especially if you’re part of the “Jesus Posse” that perpetrated one of the worst worship experiences in my life this morning.

The I-Group doing worship this week decided to do a week of contemporary worship. This would be fine… if they knew how to do it well!!!! Yesterday, they started off well and got people into it but then chose to add a keyboard and put some really nasty and cheesy synthesizer sounds into it. The synthesizer was distracting. They also have about 10 people up there with only two vocalists, meaning that you can’t hear the two people who are supposed to be LEADING.

Today was one of the top five worst worship experiences of my life. They started off with “Shout to the Lord” which is a beautiful song — except that they did it at speed metal pace and started at a strange place. Normally you give an introduction of a few bars. They gave ONE bar of introduction and then went at it like bats out of hell. You also could not hear the singers over the guitars and bass, meaning that the repeats were useless. The middle song was done pretty well. The last song employed the use of that odious synthesizer. If this is what their idea of contemporary worship is, the rest of this week is going to be awful for me since I have to be in chapel both Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday, I’m ushering and on Thursday, I volunteered to help with a song (which is NOT part of what the “Jesus Posse” is doing thankfully).

Maybe I’m just jealous because they didn’t ask me to do it (even though I’ve led worship on REAL worship teams since I was 17) and this could be a large part of it. It could also be that nothing irritates me more than badly done contemporary worship. I would NEVER attend a church that did it as badly as it was done this morning. If you do it at a church, you usually get professional musicians or at least people who play extraordinarily well. If you don’t, it sounds like badly done campfire worship. We used to have to *try out* for the worship team for Intervarsity. The worship team at High Street had professionals doing the music and these were people who had worked together for a long time. The singers were from the congregation but all of us had at least some experience.

If any of you have suggestions for how to make it through the rest of the week, please let me know. I left chapel today in a panic attack because I felt so uncomfortable there.

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