Quiet Weekend… Maybe

Jon is going canoeing this weekend so I have the apartment to myself. I’m going to go see a friend’s new kitten tonight. (I know…. Jen will get to pet a kiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!) I’ll also debate over whether to go to the retreat tomorrow.

If I don’t go on the retreat tomorrow, I’ll probably do things I need to do, such as go grocery-shopping (how I wish I lived within walking distance of a good organic market…) and mail my cell phone, wedding album, and other things to my mom. I should also do some meal planning so I can gauge what I need and how to arrange it so that I don’t end up having to go to Four Bakers for lunch like I did today. (Although my lunch was probably the only meal I’ll eat today. For $5, they give you a sandwich, chips, fruit, pickle, and cookies.)

New Testament I has been fun lately as we’ve been just going over the Gospels one at a time. We’ve done Luke and Acts this last week and it’s been beneficial. We looked at the emphases in Luke and found some to be: food as a metaphor for inclusion in the kingdom, the role of women in ministry, persistence in prayer, and rich vs. poor issues. We’re also discussing sacraments in my Systematic Theology class and debating the pluses and minuses of infant baptism.

Oh yes… and a link for you cat people. (Thanks Tina!)

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