Latest News on the “Idiotic Waste of Voter Time and Taxpayer Money” — I Mean the California Recall Election

CNN.Com: Simon drops out of California recall race

I think someone in the California GOP pointed out to Simon that he lost to Davis last November — before this idiocy even started and that if he was that unpopular then, did he really think he stood a chance now???

California is generally a moderate state politically, which means that Arnold’s platform is really where most people are at politically. The fact that the Republicans are pulling out their other people shows that they must be pretty darn desperate to get the governor’s mansion if they’re going to risk being laughed at for running the Terminator.

Oh… for those who think Arnold will magically solve California’s problems (or who think anyone is going to do better than Davis), you’re in a dream world. A regime change (not even a full one because the other state offices stay the same) isn’t going to fix the budget because THE MONEY ISN’T THERE. State workers are not going to magically get their jobs back and auto taxes are not automatically going to get cut. When the Dot.Com bust happened, the state lost a ton of tax revenue because people lost jobs and those high salaries that used to exist vanished. In other words, a major part of the state economy failed and that revenue stopped coming in. California may be the world’s 6th largest economy, but it’s a depressed economy. Basically, the lives of most normal people are not going to change all that much. Teachers are still going to be out of work and former geeks are still going to be looking for tech jobs in a place that doesn’t have them. (Hint: I hear Austin is prepped to be the new tech capital.) The only difference: a legally elected governor is probably going to be ousted because our idiotic previous governor (Wilson) signed deregulation into law which caused a power crisis 4 years later that crippled the state. (By the way, where was Wilson in 2000 when all this was happening? Yep… hiding because he didn’t want to face that he was responsible for this mess.)

And for the record, I actually have worked on campaigns in local and state government in California, which makes me a whole lot more credible on this subject than some people.

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3 thoughts on “Latest News on the “Idiotic Waste of Voter Time and Taxpayer Money” — I Mean the California Recall Election

  1. but the people of california are the ones who voted for deregulation. it’s not like wilson did it himself. i mean i don’t like deregulation either — it was done very poorly — but it wasn’t all wilson’s fault. it wasn’t all davis’s fault either. however, what *was* his fault was his handling. his buying power at a loss. his alienation of texas and oregon by declaring war on one and DEMANDING (and expecting) that the other would bow to the power of california and give up their power. those are all davis’s fault, not wilson’s.

    the whole legally elected thing to me seems sorta irrelevant since a recall election is perfectly legal too. i mean it’s all part of our greater legal system. it’s not like the recall is stealing it. people sometimes realize they made a mistake in who they elected and want to change their minds. our system was set up for that to happen. all of this is part of the legal system.

    and what about davis’s mishandling of the money? yes we lost tons of revenue, but he also did a lot of wasting himself. he chose to give a rebate on car tags via mail so that the voters would see that he “gave” them their money back instead of simply charging less in the first place which would have saved literally millions of dollars. he also chose to cut certain things in the budget and keep others in a way that i (and others) disagreed with.

    my point is, not everyone is a mindless drone thinking, “well davis is to blame for all this and anyone else will fix it. especially a republican.” we can be against davis for intelligent reasons too. for specific choices made by him, not just for the failing economy of the state.

  2. as far as davis buying power at a loss, what else could he have done? i mean, we didn’t have the capacity in working order to power the state.

    the recall irritates me because people (not you) are treating it like a panacea — some people honestly think that it will solve california’s problems. it’s just kind of foolish to have it at a time when the state doesn’t have the $45 million that it will cost. why not postpone it until march and do it during the primaries when we’ll be printing ballots anyway?

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