Rick’s Friday Five

1) what would you do the first day after being elected president?
Sleep in and send my vice-president out to get me some chai at C’bou.

2) what would you do the first day after losing the election for president?
I’m with Rick on this — prank call the White House pressroom. *goes off to think of a good prank call*

3) as president, which country would you try to build diplomatic ties with?
Norway. Make a deal that if we promise not to send Britney Spears over there on a tour that they’ll stop exporting the dregs of their cuisine over here.

4) as vice president, on which late night talk show would you like to be a guest?
Letterman. Why is there any question of this????

5) as the first lady, what would you add to the white house decor?
It’s all about tye-dye.

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5 thoughts on “Rick’s Friday Five

  1. Two things

    1) dual party tickets don’t work

    2) even if did get elected, I’m aready busy enough going to the c’bou for the spousal unit … who’s authority supercedes the pres.

    That said, as a concession for putting me on your ticket, I will be glad to make sure the helicopter to my secret encampent near Camp David swing a bit north to Litiz so we can insure a never ending supply if Wilbur Buds.

  2. The only problem with that arrangement is the long hike to your neck of the woods … which is problematic because I notice that more often or not, the boxes of buds break open and some of the contents are missing.

  3. my consideration of you as a running mate will depend on the number of boxes in-tact. no ifs, ands, or buts.

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