I did the BestPlaces.Net survey and ended up with:

1 Boston, MA-NH-ME
2 San Francisco, CA
3 Long Island, NY
4 Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV
5 Denver, CO
6 Boulder-Longmont, CO
7 New York, NY
8 Danbury, CT
9 Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN-WI
10 Chicago, IL

San Jose, CA (where I grew up) came in at #31. The nearest place to where I actually live came in at #94. Columbus, OH (where I lived before) was #141.

This was not all that surprising because I was raised in an urban culture and I guess I like having certain things around even if I never make use of them. The questions didn’t really talk a lot about the culture though. I have to say that I really love living in a town of 1800 people compared with an urban area. Life is slower, the people are nicer, and I can always find a way to work it out if I’m really desperate for something. I would like to be closer to the Cities, but I’m content for now.

6 thoughts on “BestPlaces.Net

  1. Even though it’s your top-listed city, I have a hard time imagining you living here in Boston: you would definitely be frustrated by how unfriendly people can be at times. However, if you ever do move here, you’ll have at least one friend!

  2. I’m also really not a city girl at heart — if I lived in New England, I’d rather live on the coast in a small town.

    (I’m the L.L. Bean poster child.)

  3. i took the survey, and the town i live in came in #203. gonna ask the missus in the morning: “wanna move?”

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