Guest Blogging & Politics

While Jen is on vacation, a handful of folks have been selected as competent and trustworthy enough to keep Meditatio running as interim bloggers. It’s a humbling thing to be asked to write for someone else’s blog. Jen and I don’t see eye to eye on many things political, but we seem to have a connection when it comes to animals. She loves cats, and I hate them – but really, I think it’s that extreme emotion that builds alot into a relationship.

Just kidding. Maybe.

We do chat about politics a good bit, and it’s mostly about how everyone out there is a lying thieving crook. My big statement is that there’s no one worthy of my vote: the fact that a person runs for political office at all probably reveals a deep character flaw that should remove them from consideration. The turmoil this week over the DOJ’s handling of the prison abuses, followed by the deplorable murder and video of Nick Berg – and the subsequent political “discussion” that’s going back and forth – is enough to make me take all my talk radio presets off of my XMradio. Honestly, yesterday morning I got so irate at one commentator from AirAmerica, saying that the upcoming court-martials were “show trials” and that no one was really doing anything. It was a comment made out of hand, as the left-wing marshalls are complaining that nothing is being done and that the things being done are now the wrong things, or are now just for “show”. There are no right answers here – someone made mistakes, which led to others making mistakes, and people will have to account. But the idea that the other side – from whichever side of the political fence you’re on – is not only wrong but also evil and ignorant: that idea has no place in a society built on what we think we’re founded upon.

I don’t mind disagreement. Most of the time, a good debate or confrontation can get to the truth. But the partisanship that abounds arbitrarily around here is only bringing more division, more stress to the people who are paying attention. The people who actually are ignorant and apathetic? They’re probably a pretty brainlessly happy bunch.

peace – rick
guest blogger