31 Days of Parenting Kiddos with Special Needs: Blogger Spotlight on Kelly of “This Ain’t The Lyceum”

31 Days of Parenting Kiddos with Special Needs

It’s technically 12:06 a.m. on the 8th as I’m writing this but… today was kind of a crazy day with a doctor’s appointment (flu shot AND a pneumonia shot — my poor left arm and shoulder!, a meeting with my conversation partner at school, and me trying (in vain) to concentrate on my Excel classwork/homework so you get another “cheater post” on a blogger.

Why I’m spotlighting this blogger: Kelly is another one who seriously needs to move to northern Washington because I need her level of awesome in my life outside of blogging! We got to know each other through the “7 Quick Takes” link-up over on Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog and got to be good friends that way. (Kelly is now the hostest with the mostest of the link-up.) Her two youngest kiddos Fulton and Teddy have spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and their level of care varies between the two of them. (Fulton is a weak Type 2 and Teddy is Type 2.) Both are in power chairs and it’s been entertaining to read about some of the more “interesting” ways that changes things. (Some parents put their kids in time out. Kelly parks them.) She has blogged very honestly and authentically about her life and how their diagnoses have changed things for her. Honestly, I wouldn’t even know about the existence of SMA if not for her blogging and being open about her life.

Some of the cool things she has done:

[-] Run 7 5K’s to raise funds and awareness for the condition

[-] Create a science and adventure club so that her boys can have something cool to do with other boys their age — I wish we lived nearby because I am the world’s biggest introvert and I would totally be there with Daniel! (Kelly’s son Fulton has suggested we travel there by jetpack. If only, Fulton. If only.)

Some fabulous posts on the subject that she’s written recently are here, here, here, and here.

And honestly, I love her not only makes me laugh when I *REALLY* need it and she keeps me organized, but also because she and her family have prayed me through so much in the last 5 years. There have been times when those prayers, as well as the emails from her, have been one of the few things that have kept me from being hospitalized with depression. I can’t put into words what those prayers and emails and her friendship have meant to me.

So please, go check her out!