So, My Real New Year’s Resolutions

I’m having a bit of insomnia as I obsess over whether the roads will be OK for me to get to church in a few hours so… here’s the resolutions post that I was going to write during daylight hours. I know that I posted something on things I resolved to do for my Quick Takes but that one was more tongue-in-cheek in places. (I know… SHOCKING!!!!)

So… here are my REAL resolutions for 2017!

[+] Make healthier choices. For me, this means getting off my butt and doing something physical every day even if it’s just some planks for the plank challenge in which I’m taking part with some friends. Once my cold is better and I can find my student ID, I’ll check out the college gym and see if I can bribe myself to read while on one of the machines or something. (Note to self: acquire an MP3 player that works.)

Foodwise, I plan to try to start cooking more of what I eat from scratch.

[+] Read more. The number of books I finished in 2016 is abysmal so I’m taking part in the Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge. My challenge: 52 books in 52 weeks! This means that I need to put down my phone and turn off my laptop on occasion. I’m also planning on devoting an hour every day to reading.

[+] Finish what I have on my hooks. I have some blankets to finish as well as an amigurumi monkey, a prayer shawl, a temperature afghan, and some socks for my mom. Ohhhh look! Yarn!

[+] Make time for prayer every day. My prayer life is crappy at the moment, partially due to Daniel being on break from school and partially due to me being on break from school. I need to find ways of getting prayer time in on those days that are unstructured.

For those who are interested in such things, my saint for the year is St. Joseph Moscati and my word for the year is “wholeness”.

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