It looks like Jen & Jon are vacationing – although I hope the were able to cross off more tasks than were updated in the post below. I’d hate to think of them going cross-country without packing, and I’d hate to think what the house would look like if the proper instructions weren’t left for the cat-sitters.

This is the time of year when I really start thinking about travel, too. When I was young, back in the day, we would pile into the car every Thanksgiving to drive over to my Memaw’s house, where we (my little brother and I) would sit at the kids table with the five other cousins to eat way too much turkey and dressing before going out to play on the lonely swingset in the backyard. Sometimes we’d play ball, or wait for Uncle Bill to show up and play a song for us. At Christmas time, we’d spend more time with the other side of the family. There wasn’t much driving either holiday until we moved to moved to South Carolina, but we did usually spend the day away from home visiting and being told “my how you’ve grown”.

Now, we usually have day trips to Asheville for my wife‘s side of the family, maybe a vacation weekend to the beach before the good restaurants close for winter, and then most of the other holiday festivities revolve around town, eating turkey leftovers and watching football – alot of turkey leftovers, alot of football.

All that to say: I hope they have a fabulous and relaxing time. Don’t forget my Christmas present.