Bored to the Point of Procrastination

I’ve realized that my prcrastination of all things is related to the fact that I am simply bored out of my skull. I have nothing to do but get these things (compiling my resumé, responding to letters and emails, cleaning my study) and pretty much the only thing I’m living for (besides God) is seeing my family in Washington in a month and a half. Yep… Jen needs a job. If I was working, I’d have less time to do stuff like redesign my website and the time I’d have would be more precious.

It probably also doesn’t help that Jon is at the church right now for a Council meeting and he has the disk with all my resumé files that I am too lazy to download off of Monster.Com.

Maybe the aftermath of “Joe Millionare” (which I’m watching only because I saw the final choice last week) will have some benefits.

My So-Called Job Hunt

Ohio has ruled me ineligible to collect unemployment (for reasons which I can’t understand), so my job hunt is intensifying. My ex-store manager at Drug Emporium offered to interview me in a month if I haven’t found work, but I really don’t want to go back there. The store was badly managed and I really hated going into work. I’m trying to avoid retail (since I have decided NO FAST FOOD) because very few stores really treat their employees well around here. Drug Emporium was *always* getting applications and I have no doubt that they replaced me with someone who would work Sunday mornings and who would take crap from the head cashier.

Jon is going into Columbus tomorrow and I need to give him my resumé and cover letter to take to the sem to be a counselor for Seminary Sampler this summer. I didn’t apply immediately because I wanted to make sure that I was doing it for the experience of working with youth and showing them about the diversity of ministry instead of for the $3000 stipend. Now, I’m having problems motivating myself to get the resumé done and I think part of it is that I’m nervous about applying. I don’t have as much youth experience as a lot of people have and I blew my chance for any youth experience at St. Paul’s by getting sick and not going to Festival of Faith this weekend. Some of the people applying undoubtedly have years more than me and since I wasn’t at the sem last year, I don’t know how that is going to affect my chances. I am signed on with a temp agency and could just do temp work until June, but I’d really like the job because I think that this program is really wonderful and I wish I’d had it when I was in high school.

My brother pointed out that I chose a good time to get this sick — I don’t think I would have been able to deal with my cyst if I was still working at Drug Emporium.

A Somewhat Quiet Sunday Morning

I’m sitting in Jon’s office catching up on all the Prairie Home Companion shows that I’ve missed. I just heard some Oles (St. Olaf students and alums — Um Ya Ya!) sing their fight song (the only one written in 3/4 time) in 4 part harmony. (Garrison Keillor’s comment: “That’s a fight song?”) My mother-in-law instructed me to listen to it because I married an Ole. I’m also listening to the Gospel music that was part of that week’s show. I’ll have to ask my mother-in-law if this week’s show was worth listening to.

Hymn of the Day
I’ve had this hymn in my head since I sang it in chapel on Monday at Luther Seminary. It’s a Filipino one that has been translated into English and it is beautiful. The words are wonderful but the tune is beautiful.

Lord, your hands have formed the world,
Ev’ry part is shaped by you —
Water tumbling over rocks, air and sunlight:
Each day’s signs that you make all things new.

Yours the soil that holds the seed,
You give warmth and moisture , too.
Sprouting blossoms, crops, and buds, trees and plants:
The season’s signs that you make all things new.

Like a mat you roll out land,
Space to build for us and you
Earthly homes and, better still, homes for Christ
The truest sign that you make all things new.

–WOV 727


I had the ultrasound this morning and then met with my OB/GYN. The cyst is big, but it’s a simple one and not dangerous. She gave me the option of surgery where they’d remove the cyst and probably a portion of my ovary or I could monitor it for a few weeks and see if it shrinks. I chose the latter option and if I start having severe pain again, I’ll call her and we’ll look at surgery.

It’s a relief to know that it isn’t deadly. Now to get the insurance situation resolved…

My Doctor’s Appointment

Well… I just had a doctor’s appointment and I’m scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow morning. They poked and prodded me and attempted to do a full exam, but stopped after I started screaming in pain. The good news is that the cyst is relatively small and looks benign. I also meet with Therese (my State Farm chica) tomorrow afternoon to sort this out.

Jon has two funerals and the proceeds of those will probably go toward medical bills. You know you’re a pastor when a funeral or wedding equals grocery money.

Stupid Jen

I ended up in the ER last night in horrendous stomach pain. It’s an ovarian cyst that needs to be treated ASAP. Problem: our insurance went into effect a month early and we didn’t realize it. Now we have no insurance, probably a good sized ER bill, and I might have to put off treatment until we can get the insurance in effect.

I am sobbing uncontrollably and I ask for prayer because I cannot figure out how to deal with it other than a pretty good-sized miracle.

Update: Our State Farm agent called and she’s fighting with the company that administers the insurance. It was *THEIR* fault and she and I both know it. It’s more a case of going up the chain of command to get it fixed than anything else. In the worst case, we could talk to the patient advocate and see if they could reduce our bill because we are a low income household. I have a doctor’s appointment today to figure out what to do next and thankfully, they were able to tell me how much it would be and we thankfully have the credit on our credit card to pay for it. (There’s a reason I’m paying off 1.5 to 3 times my minimum payment each month.)

I also found out that I am ineligible for unemployment today. I’ve called the temp agency and I’m reactivated. Hopefully, gainful employment is in the immediate future.

My To-Do List for the Next Few Weeks or So

I’m posting this to see how much I can get done by the end of March:

-clean up mess immediately around my desk in my study
-see if anyone at the church can give me sewing lessons on my machine
-put books in bookcases
-sort through remaining boxes in study
-sort through papers
-get taxes to Sally to prepare (got this done relatively quickly)
-get FAFSA done
-sort through boxes in basement
-re-pack non-essential stuff
-go through closets for Goodwill/consignment shop donations
-organize papers and bills into file folders
-organize cat records
-register at a temp agency

I think that’s a good enough start.