7 Posts in 7 Days: Pick Jen’s Lenten Discipline!

So Lent starts next week and I’m trying to come up with ideas for my Lenten discipline this year. In the past, I have…

-given up meat (and ended up vegetarian for 5 years after)
-given up chocolate
-given up soda
-given up swearing (which lasted all of one day though to be fair, I was pregnant)
-taken on the making of afghan squares
-taken on blogging about faith daily (2012)
-taken on blogging about religious music daily (2013)

I know! I’ll take a page from Fr. James Martin, S.J. and let someone else determine my Lenten discipline this year! Rafflecopter for the opportunity is below. Winner will be chosen next Tuesday at 12:00 PST and notified by email. You need to give me my discipline by 11:59 PST that evening.

I should probably clarify that there are a couple limits:

1.) I’m pre-diabetic so I *have* to eat — no surviving on bread and water.
2.) Assume that whatever I do needs to be Daniel-friendly.
3.) It cannot break any commandments or rules of the church.

Lenten Discipline Giveaway