7 Quick Takes: Too Tired To Move Edition

7 Quick Takes

It occurred to me while doing something else tonight that I had completely forgotten to post my Quick Takes last night. Oops! I think it was just utter exhaustion from my week.

— 1 —

My exhaustion level. Because of the holiday on Monday, I had a huge amount due on Tuesday. I tried to space it out as much as I could but it just took FOREVER to do everything that was due that day. I even had one assignment due at 11:55 p.m. that I had to turn in even though I knew it wasn’t my best work because I just hit a wall in brainpower and energy. There was nothing I could have done to improve it or make it better when I hit send on my discussion post for it and even though I could have looked at what other people had done and used some of their tricks, I just could not force myself to do any more work.

I got my grade on Thursday morning: 19/20 which was better than I was expecting. Then again, my instructor for the class has me for two “on the ground” classes this quarter (ones that meet in person) and she has watched me come to class looking like death warmed over.

— 2 —

An improvement? Daniel still does wake up in the middle of the night… but he’s gotten SO much better at going back to sleep in his own bed. He’ll do it largely on his own… with the exception of last night when he threw a tantrum about this with banshee-level screaming (6 inches from my head) at 2 a.m. because I moved him from my bed to his. NOTHING (short of calling in an old priest and a young priest to perform an exorcism) would calm him down so I got to lie in bed and listen to him howl, knowing that he was waking up my parents and I was helpless to get him to stop. Lovely.

Praying for a calmer night. He also had a massive meltdown today so hopefully he tired himself out sufficiently?

— 3 —

Summer plans. I was able to register for the online version of the Communications class I need to graduate. (It was the reason for the stupid placement test I had to take last week. Ugh.) I’ll be just taking that class (though it’s 5 credits so it’s not a small class) and also working through the Business English textbook to get ready to challenge both quarters of it in the fall and winter. The co-chairs of my program are not incredibly happy that I want to do this but both of them have had me in classes so I hope they realize that when I put it in my mind to something, I pursue it wholeheartedly and I crush it. I do have to pay for both classes even if I successfully challenge them but I’ll have resident tuition by that point so it will be infinitely cheaper than it is now.

— 4 —

Political take. I haven’t been blogging about politics since I returned from my Lenten break and the reason for that is that I honestly have too much on my mind and on my plate to provide any thoughtful discourse. I know it might not seem like it but I *DO* actually think out what I have to say and put effort into researching both sides of an issue. I simply do not have time to really do that this quarter.

— 5 —

Covfefe. Having said the above, 45 really needs to get a better press secretary. Seriously, Sean Spicer is probably the worst person for the job.

— 6 —

Stopping here. The small creature is asleep and I need to go to sleep as well so that I get more than a handful of hours of it.

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