My Blogathon Experience

I got up at 7:45, did devotions quickly, made some oatmeal and headed downstairs. I had taken the pictures for my first post the night before, so my 8:00 post was pretty easy. I settled into a routine of writing something original (or using someone’s suggested subject) for the :30 post and then crocheting/pinning, photographing, and uploading for the :00 post. It was actually a really good thing that I had a pattern because it made time go faster and it gave me some rhythm to what I was doing.

I ate at fairly scheduled intervals and made sure I was consuming at least a glass of water or Crystal Light for every can of Sun Drop (I actually did more water and CL than I had to). Foodwise, apples with peanut butter worked the best — it gave me some protein and I wasn’t really hungry for awhile afterwards.

One thing that I really did love: there is a community feel among all the ‘thonners. I had some *interesting* chats on mIRC (I basically left whenever they started getting too raunchy) and I also got to chat up Dreama whose site I’ve been kind of admiring from afar for a couple years now. She did the radio stuff from midnight to 4:00 CDT and her stuff was keeping me awake. (She even played “Timewarp” for me!) My afghan also graced the Blogathon home page which was really great since I’m pretty much a no-name among a lot of the more popular bloggers.

The best thing: $325 (and hopefully more if I get some more pledges) is going to help people in Afghanistan.