7 Quick Takes: 300,000 People Edition

7 Quick Takes

We have lost 300,000 people to COVID-19 here in the USA and people still don’t seem to care, so I thought I’d do my Quick Takes on the scale of that number. All of these figures are from Wikipedia with the exception of take #5, which took some combing through Church statistics.

(Seriously, you can either read me talking about stats or me talking about the state of Daniel’s bowels. Throwing out statistics seemed more merciful.)

Also? I’ve seen idiots in my local area talking about how it’s just a cold or flu, and part of the problem with that line of thought is that you can get a mild case of COVID and end up later on with blood clots or heart conditions. This even happens in young people and people with no history of either thing.

— 1 —

The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The population is 300,286. That’s a lot of missing Steelers fans.

— 2 —

The city of St. Louis, Missouri. With a population of 300,576, that is a lot of people you won’t be meeting there.

— 3 —

Most of the population of Iceland. There would only be 36,713 people left in this Viking paradise.

— 4 —

Slightly more than the population of Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. Our COVID death toll here in the States would wipe out the entire population of the capital plus 604 people.

— 5 —

Almost the entire Diocese of Toledo. There would only be 19,907 Catholics left in northwest Ohio! (My readership is mostly Catholic, so I thought I’d throw this figure out there.)

— 6 —

Slightly under half the population of the U.S. state of Vermont. The Green Mountain State has a population of 623,989. That means that there would be just about half as many Green Mountain Boys there.

— 7 —

Slightly less than the number of people who work for Starbucks globally. Starbucks employs 346,000 people worldwide, so I might have a hard time finding someone to make my iced grande latté with one pump of vanilla!

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  1. I like your stat on the Diocese of Toledo.:) I went to college In that diocese it’s an interesting mix of rural and city areas

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