Life here has been kind of crazy this week. We had to get the car titled and new license plates, try and get driver’s licenses (we failed because we’re in a unique situation in terms of residence), get DSL installed, and we thankfully were able to get satellite TV today.

I’ve been reading murder mysteries, trying to unpack the kitchen, working on a blanket for my brother’s girlfriend (my mom just commissioned one from me so I need to finish Jeanette’s), and snuggling with 4 very affectionate cats. I swear that my beasts are thinking “maybe if we’re nice to her, she won’t stuff us in cages and take us to a strange house again”.

We also went to Glacier National Park this week. Some parishioners were needing to get some stuff from their cabin and they invited us along. It was bee-you-tee-full!!!!!!! (I’ve been told I was in the boring part of the park and still it was wonderful.) I should probably make a list of things I have to do in Montana before I move (which I should have done for Minnesota) and I know I can at least cross that one off!

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