::Embodiment:: Project on LJ

I’m doing this on LJ this year.Â? I think it’s a neat idea and I will be looking for a journal tomorrow as I head to Shelby for some other things.Â? 🙂

If you’d like to participate, get an LJ account (if nothing else, you can read my rantings as well as the things those participating have to say) and sign up by midnight on January 1st!

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1 thought on “::Embodiment:: Project on LJ

  1. I joined yesterday and am really excited about this. It sounds like fun. I have kept a paper journal for a while, but I tend to fall on and off the wagon in terms of keeping up with it. I received 2 journals for Christmas – one for craft projects and one for daily rantings. So I should be set I guess. I also joined the 50BookChallenge community on LJ. I read 3 books this week, so I guess I can say I am well on my way to meeting the challenge of reading 50 books between 12-05 and 12-06.

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