Blogathon 2006

OK… the plan to blog for NPF fell through (though I did send them a donation as a conciliatory gesture) so the plan now is to blog for Lutheran World Relief if I get their blessing. My schtick will be Lutheran Alphabytes so I’m starting to collect Lutheran topic ideas that start with each letter of the alphabet. (If you have any, by all means leave them in the comments.)

Sign-ups start on July 1st and I’ll let y’all know when I can start accepting pledges.

Now to be a good Jen and get the translations done for them…

Oh yeah… my list so far is under the cut.

A: atonement, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”
B: beer, Bible
C: church, Central America
D: doctrine (includes confessions), Dietrich Bonhoeffer
E: ELCA, emergency relief
F: fair trade, fellowship
G: grace, Germans
H: hymns, hotdish
I: indulgences, international
J: jello, Johann Sebastian Bach
K: Kierkegaard, krumkake
L: Ladies Aid, lefse/lutefisk
M: Missouri Synod, Martin Luther
N: Norwegian Bachelor Farmers, Ninety-Five Theses
O: Ole and Lena, organ music
P: potlucks, pastor
Q: quilts, quotations
R: Reformation, Romans 1:17
S: sacraments, South America
T: theology, “This Is Most Certainly True”
U: Uganda,
V: VBS, Von Bora
W: WELS, Wittenberg
X: Christ, exsurge domine
Y: YMBALI (You Might Be A Lutheran If…), Yah Sure
Z: Zimbabwe and Tanzania,