jen has HOUSING!!!!!!!

well… it’s beem a looooong time since i’ve journalled and some big things have happened.

firstly… I HAVE HOUSING!!!!!!!!!!!! darlene called me on friday to let me know that i have a single room in descartes, which is an all female dorm!!!! i was literally dancing around the breakroom at work. i’m also realizing that it might be harder than i thouight to move to ohio. i’ve got my plane ticket and i wouldn’t mind living japanese style for a year (i.e. matress on the floor and very little furniture) but the other thing is gonna be finding affordable housing close to the sem. i figure that if God wants me to be there, He’ll give me some kind of housing, but it’s kind of daunting. the other question is what kind of job i’d have. since i can’t technically go to grad school for another two years, i’d need to find some kind of job so that i could save up for it (and furniture).

this evening, i’ve been really focusing on anger i have towards jon louie. i feel like he treated me like dirt last year in breaking promises of hang out time with me to be with susie or other friends. i also feel like he talked down to me and he deprecated any belief i had in myself because when he started dating susie again, i lost everything. carolyn didn’t understand how deep it was, though she was right in saying that i needed to accept that jon had found someone else. i just wish that it hadn’t hurt so much. i also wish that i could somehow release this anger i have towards him since i feel like everything he did was to make himself look better. sigh…

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