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i ended up deleting yesterday’s entry because i felt that it was too sugar-coated in what i was saying. i also felt that i was being downright pharisaic in my talk of my issues with society’s views on sex. (i’m one of those *old fashioned* people who thinks that sex is for marriage alone.) i felt like i was saying that every one of my generation except *me* is headed down the wrong path. i feel like i’m being too judgmental in saying that. sigh… why is it that everyone is allowed to voice their thoughts but christians are urged to keep their mouths shut?

go to now. do it.

my devo time today included ephesians 4:25 – 5:2 (get rid of all bitterness and forgive people and then be imitators of Christ). it’s a passage of lessons that i should learn. i admit that i am really bitter about things and i admit that i am angry that i’m stuck in san jose since it’s really hard being home. i love my family and all, but san jose just has some bad memories. i admit that dad and i have been fighting lately over my attitude. (he wants me to loosen up and i want him to actually listen to me instead of interrupting me and writing me off.) i really need to forgive him for some of the arguments that we’ve had but it’s so hard…

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