well… jon talked to his dad last night and he said that it was a wonderful conversation. his dad had some suggestions that are answers to things that we had been praying about for a long time. apparently, spouses can take classes free at jon’s seminary so i can take intensive greek and hebrew after we get married and that will help me once i’m in seminary. i can also drive jon’s car to ohio which will give me a car to use while jon learns to drive. (it’s hard to believe that i’ll be learning to drive this weekend. i will admit that i’m scared but not as scared as i was about the ropes course.) jon and i also got a long conversation last night which was good because i was really sad about him being back in oregon. i know that i only have 8 more months of this but it’s still really hard. when i was in columbus, i was wishing that i could just cancel my plane ticket back and live in ohio with jon. however, i knew that my parents would have a fit as well as it being a pain to get my clothes and all of that shipped to me. we’re trying to see if we can’t spend some time together in the beginning of november and i’m praying that southwest or alaska has a cheap deal for that weekend. at least we can communicate by email, aol im, yahoo messenger, and phone until then. i miss my fox…

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