busyness has arrived!

geez… i thought things were so boring and now they’ve picked up again. i’ve got a history 33 quiz on monday, a take-home midterm that will probably be due on monday as well, and i’ll be home this weekend which means that i’m not going to get much done. on top of that, i have wanted to kill all the cigarette-smoking, trendy, sk8ter freaks in my midst for everything from waving their cancer sticks in my face to blocking the aisles when i was trying to get off the bus. they pollute the air with their filthy language and show me yet again that i am among the minority of people on this campus who isn’t into the consumerist lifestyle. many of the frosh this year are among the worst of them especially those who complain that all the upperclassmen get parking permits (probably because 90% of sophomores and juniors got kicked off campus so the school could house the frosh and those displaced people have to commute to school). the little freshlings can learn to take the bus and get some exercise walking to the suv’s that mommy and daddy bought them. they also seem to think that multiple piercings look cool. they look so un-natural and stupid. i don’t know many guys who fall for girls like that. yes… i know that not all frosh are like that. we actually do have some really good freshmen this year. it’s just that it seems like the majority of them are trendy little airheads who came to ucsc because all the other schools rejected them.

history lecture today was wonderful and soc section was ok. my sectionmates weren’t being anti-christian. this is a good thing. i got to talk to jon before he left for a lecture — another good thing. i miss my fox. i think our love deepened this last time and i think it’s making it harder now. i’m trying to be a good jen and get through my classes so that i can get out of cali and go be with jon in ohio. soc irritates me but if passing it means that i’m one step closer to seeing jon, i’ll take it on

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