depression strikes again

well… last night i started crying while talking to jon and continued even after he fell asleep. this morning, i couldn’t stop crying and barely made it through my history section. i was advised by a few of my friends to skip my afternoon classes to sleep and try to stabilize. i went to my sociology class only because i thought the midterm was going to be handed out today and then went home, turned on napster to my “praise” mu3, and catnapped until jon called. then i waffled over whether to go to art history and finally decided not to after my friend amy commented that since i had a notetaker, i was safe to go sleep again. so… i came back up to my room and catnapped until i had to go to dinner.

i think i really need to start treating my depression as the illness that it is and i need to realize that there are going to be times that are worse than others and that i really need to rest during those times. these are also times when i need to remember that i also need to reach out to other people rather than mope around in my room. i am planning on going to Bible study tonight and i did eat with people rather than alone this afternoon. i was also really thankful for jon louie at lunch. he let me cry and just talked to me. thank goodness for small things.