mea culpa!

well… i have 4? pages of my paper done. hopefully i can get that last page and a half done tonight. i will also have kirtana check it during office hours.

joanna (my sister-in-law) emailed me and reminded me that i left a few things out of my description of thanksgiving:
-their charming good looks (not mentioned because i do not want competition with other girls for jon. joanna is beautiful and witty and insightful. attn guys: DATE HER!!!!)
-i won the harry potter trivia contest. (i rock!!! i am da queen!!!!)
-my mother-in-law victoria needs help in the yard. a strong, young guy (preferably a hottie) is needed. talk to me if you are interested.
-their quantity of cats. they have three cats: kelly (who is a jellicle cat and tried to displace me on the bed — the nasty cat would move to my pillow every time i got up in the middle of the night); tim (a fluffy grey cat who is a handsome beast); and nick — the tabby who is getting mighty BIG these days. (though… i think that tom and jann’s cat tom kitty is still the LARGEST of them all.)
-their cats’ intelligence: kelly is very intelligent… and very domineering. the two toms are quite intelligent as well though nick still likes to eat his tail.
-they are wonderful people. they really are. i felt totally loved this weekend. better joanna? (and yes i know that my grammar usage is atrocious.)

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