7 Quick Takes Friday — Randomness

7 Quick Takes


The family remembrance for Erik was wonderful. We had a liturgy from the Jewish Book of Prayer and my brother and I read “The Road Less Traveled” by Robert Frost. While Erik had spent some of his time being hyper-Calvinist, he would not have wanted a formal funeral and I think he was fairly anti-religious toward the end. It was meaningful for all of us and I learned a bit about Erik that I hadn’t known.


Erik’s ashes will be interred at the family plot (or what is rapidly becoming the family plot) at the pioneer cemetery in Pedee, OR later this year. I’m acquiring a small stuffed lion to be buried with him because he was a Leo and loved lions. If I can’t make it, I’ll give it to my mom to take it to the interment.


Medi-Cal LOST the paperwork that I hand-delivered to them. There are few words that can describe my angst and rage. Social Security is saying the same thing about the stuff I hand-delivered there. It’s maddening.


We’ve made some food discoveries with Daniel this week. I was having some Kraft Deluxe Mac n’ Cheese (the stuff with the Velveeta-like cheese sauce) and Daniel was mugging me for it. I finally started doing the “one-bite-for-me-and-one-for-you” thing with him. Yesterday, he was mugging my mom for some of her quiche. (Apparently, he doesn’t have the allergy issues with eggs that I do.) Today at the church picnic, I kept him busy while I ate by passing him pieces of Trader Joe’s Gnocchi alla Gorganzola. It’s definitely progress.


I keep having a craving for Hawaiian pizza (pineapple and Canadian bacon) from Round Table. I grew up on it so it shouldn’t be surprising that I’m craving it. It’s still the best pizza I’ve found locally. (Pizza My Heart in Santa Cruz will always have a special place in my heart with their pesto pizza.) I just wish I could do the ordering online.


I’m reading God’s Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America By Hanna Rosin and it’s pretty interesting. It’s about Patrick Henry College and how it was founded to raise up a generation of young people to enter government and take it back from the liberals… or something along those lines. If you’ve read The Unlikely Disciple by Kevin Roose (which I also *HIGHLY* recommend), you’ll like this one.


I’m reading God’s Harvard on my NOOK. It was a gift from a family friend while Daniel was in the hospital that was designed to keep me occupied during the large amount of downtime I had. With a generous gift certificate to Barnes & Noble from my mother-in-law for a birthday present, I’ve been able to put some books on there that I’ve always wanted to read and figured that it would be good on long car rides where I wasn’t driving — certainly easier than taking a whole tote bag of books.

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