A Complete Lack of Parenting

Next door to Metanoia, there are a bunch of housing units and the kids of the families use the church parking lot as a playground. It’s not an issue… except that there are some 9-11 year olds who have decided to use the church walkways as their own personal skate parks. I happened to be at church a few of the times they were doing it and I called them on it… which resulted in one of the boys using some really foul language toward me. I got my revenge when they were having a party and I followed the boy home and dared him to tell his parents the things he had said to me. Needless to say, he was not too happy.

Well… our next door neighbor came over today and asked if something was going on at the church. We replied that there wasn’t and she dropped the bombshell that there were several kids on the roof. Yes… THE ROOF. Jon went over there and lectured them because none of them would admit to it. Holy insurance nightmare, Batman! All we need is one of the punks to fall off and we’ll have a lawsuit on our hands even though we didn’t tell the boys to be on the roof and they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place.

I’m sure the parents are working multiple jobs to get by and all that but I’m wondering if Metanoia shouldn’t send a letter to them telling them the boys’ behavior and telling the parents that they need to discipline their kids. Daniel would NEVER be allowed to get away with the stuff that these kids do but I have a feeling that the parents don’t really care. They’re probably so burned out by trying to make a living that they tell the kids to go play and don’t pay attention to them.

I’d love it if the police happened to be driving by and cited the kids with trespassing/loitering/whatever. I think it would get the message across a lot better.