7 Quick Takes — IEP’s, School Lunch Quandries, and Rain

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Daniel’s IEP went well on Monday. I’m incredibly thankful that we’ve got a great staff at the local school (where they have all the preschool classes) and that they have an ABA preschool class where Daniel will go. I’ve heard horror stories about the school district in the town to the north and how hard it is to get services for your kids there. Daniel will start preschool on April 11th (his 3rd birthday is on Holy Saturday) and he’ll be in school Monday to Friday for 5 hours every day. The IEP team will meet again on May 11th and firm up goals and plans for things like physical and occupational therapy.

— 2 —

With Daniel starting preschool, I now have a new quandry: school lunches. I need to provide enough food for two snacks and Daniel isn’t feeding himself with a spoon yet. The complicating factor in this is that he also doesn’t know how to take bites out of something so it would need to be finger food. Got any suggestions? I’d welcome any and all input including how to teach him to take bites out of his food.

— 3 —

March seems to be going out like a lion here. After a wet week two weeks ago, we’ve had nice weather, rain on the weekend, and then rain the last couple days. It was pleasant enough to walk to my WIC appointment with Daniel this morning but it’s cloudy again and I think we’ll be getting more rain tonight. We do need the moisture but I sort of wish I could pick the days it would come.

— 4 —

Daniel has been using his “more” sign more and more. Considering that it took almost two years to get him to do it on his own, I’m pretty happy. He signed it to my mom last weekend when she was giving him lunch and he has done it at all his therapy sessions that happened this week. (Physical therapy got rescheduled to next week because it was a park date but was pouring by the time we got to Elk Grove.) I’m hoping to be able to teach him some more signs and have that be a help with communication. He already makes his needs known in non-verbal ways but he has to learn to communicate verbally somehow and signing can do that.

— 5 —

Daniel turns 3 in a little over a week. His birthday falls on Holy Saturday this year and it’s also the day of our church’s Easter Egg Hunt. I can’t believe that it’s been almost three years now since he was born. I don’t know if we have any Easter plans as of yet so I’m not sure how we’ll celebrate. All I do know is that next week’s Quick Takes will probably be solely Daniel-focused. We’ve already gotten some books for his birthday from my in-laws and my mom has done some clothes shopping for him.

— 6 —

“The Big Bang Theory” returns tonight. I’ve definitely missed it the past two weeks. Granted, we have Netflix and I can watch “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” or actually find out what all the “Downton Abbey” hype is all about, but my life is just not complete without seeing Sheldon being his asocial self.

— 7 —

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11 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes — IEP’s, School Lunch Quandries, and Rain

  1. When the title had school lunches I thought you were going to talk about that pink goop that is supposedly in the school chicken nuggets that everyone has been talking/blogging about. Glad it wasn’t 🙂 I don’t know much about kids but maybe cutting up like string cheese for him to eat or apples? I don’t have any kids and no one I know really has little kids so I’m not much help haha

    Yay for Big Bang Theory being back! I heart that show!

    That is kind of cool once every upteenth years his bday falls on easter 🙂 I have no idea what we’re doing for Easter either. I’m trying to talk my mom into driving down to Orlando since my sister will be on a cruise but we’ll see we still have boxes EVERYWHERE!

    • I’m doing the cut-up string cheese right now and I’m just trying to figure out what to add.

  2. Can’t sleep and found you through conversion diary! Don’t know your little guys whole story, but my now 11 year old had an IEP at 3 and had (still does!) sensory issues/motor issues with his mouth. If I remember correctly, I would send cut up cheese, cereal (he liked Puffins or Cheerios), and crackers. The staff would help him eat things that weren’t cut up like a sandwich or apple. I didn’t want to cut those up because they would get gross after a while. Are you in Illinois? I saw that you mentioned Elk Grove. I’m in DeKalb 😉 Sending him to Early Childhood was so bittersweet, but helped him so much. Good luck to Daniel!!!

  3. Could you cut up a sandwich into bite sized pieces? How about mini ravioli?

    So glad to hear that services have been so wonderful for him!!!

  4. As for foods–the first thing that comes to my mind are early finger foods–sweet potato chunks, kiwi chunks, banana slices, cheese. And you could probably do avocado, green beans, peas too. That, plus crackers, should be a decent variety.

  5. I don’t know if this is too advanced for his palate, but what about the mini quiches? Or maybe a tortilla roll up with cream cheese, turkey, and spinach, but then cut up into bite size rolls?

  6. I’m not sure how well he does dipping, but how about crudites with hummus or vegetable dip? Have you heard of the site momables? They give you kids’ lunch menu ideas (many of which are “snacky”) and you might get some great finger food ideas there. It is a subscription service, but you could just subscribe for a month or something to get an arsenal of ideas and then cancel.

    Apple slices, cut up grapes, dried fruit (assuming he chews things up well–my four-year-old with sensory issues doesn’t), banana chips, freeze-dried vegetables, cheese sticks (vegan if necessary)? Just thinking off the top here.

    Good luck!

  7. Have you seen the drinkable applesauce? It’s not in the “baby food” section, but with the actual applesauce? Would he possibly be able to do that?

    Blueberries? Grapes cut up? Mini Bowtie Pasta Noodles? Graham crackers with cream cheese? Soup (oyster crackers)? Banana bread/mini muffins? Would any of those work? Those are things my kiddos like to eat.

    Happy “almost” Birthday to Daniel! What a special day. I look forward to reading your quick takes about him next week!

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