Occupying Advent

Advent starts in a few days and I’ve decided to do some faith blogging as an Advent discipline. It’s a penitential season of sorts but it’s all about waiting and anticipating as well. Since our commercial celebration of Christmas in this country turns me into the Grinch, I’m hoping that doing this will temper that a bit.

My friend Beth Anne has a photo contest going and I think I’ll probably do that and blog about the pictures I post. It should at least focus me on something other than grumping every time a secular Christmas song comes on when I’m at the store.

One thought on “Occupying Advent

  1. I know what you mean. I’m feeling a bit Grinchy myself. But the song in the link can always make me laugh. http://youtu.be/7E-47VmFopE

    I’d invite you guys up on a Friday night for Cornish Christmas, but between the weather and Dean being too sick to bake, we aren’t doing it this year.

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