7 Quick Takes: Sad News, Grumpy Cats, and Spectacled Bears

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Some very sad news. Henry, a little Ukrainian boy adopted by the Dobrovits family in 2011, passed away yesterday after an infection developed in his back from recent surgery to put VEPTR rods in his back. He may have only lived two years but his adoption was the catalyst for a number of people to become involved with Reece’s Rainbow including the family adopting Brett. I’m so grateful for his parents taking the leap of faith to adopt him because many children have found families because of him. Leila of Orphan Report and Little Catholic Bubble wrote a beautiful piece about all of this. Please keep his family in your prayers and if you can, please go show them some love.

— 2 —

Reminder: iTunes giveaway. I wanted to remind people that the iTunes gift card giveaway is going on until Sunday at 11:59. Just donate and let me know how much — you get one entry per $5 donated. You also get one entry per mention on social media so leave me a comment and let me know that as well.

— 3 —

Rain, rain, rain, and thunder. We got slammed with one storm yesterday and we’ve got one coming in tonight and tomorrow morning that should be hit harder. We’ve got wind advisories and there are areas of northern California that could be getting 14 inches of rain… which is a huge percentage of our yearly rainfall. I usually love rain but this one has been triggering some nasty migraines.

— 4 —

A spectacled bear. Daniel’s glasses arrived last week and we finally got him to wear them full-time this week.

A spectacled bear

I didn’t know he could get any cuter… but he did.

— 5 —

Grumpy cat source. You know the meme with the cat with a sour look on its face? There is actually a site for her called The Original Grumpy Cat. She is a real cat and her human posts the Daily Grump. You can also get Christmas cards with her on them… when her human gets them reprinted for the third or fourth time. (Seriously… they’ve been swamped with orders.)

— 6 —

Daniel’s Advent calendar arrived. I’m trying to create meaningful Advent traditions with Daniel and one that I’ve had since I was old enough to remember was Advent calendars. My mom bought them for us growing up, sent them to me in college, and even sent them after I was married. I’m looking forward to opening the windows with him.

— 7 —

How did I not know about this site???? I just discovered ZooBorns.Com. This is not a good site for me to know about — I’m going to be looking at pictures of baby red pandas all night!

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5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Sad News, Grumpy Cats, and Spectacled Bears

  1. I read Leila’s piece, it was beautiful and moving. I’ve kept Henry and his family in my prayers.

    Very very sweet picture of Daniel 🙂

  2. Daniel is so cute with those glasses!
    The only thing I really miss about the Christmas experience is having Advent Calendars.

  3. Oh my goodness, he is too cute in those glasses!!!! Did he get to pick them out? My parents let me pick mine out (starting at 18 mo lol), and one of my pairs was BRIGHT red. I may have been called Sally Jesse for years.

    Looooove the Grumpy Cat site! How did I not know about it?!

  4. Daniel is sooo cute! Aww! And that’s so sad about the little boy! I hope the family is doing alright 🙁 I will be praying for them!

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