Jon’s Approval Interview Today

For those of you who know us either really well online or in real life, you’ll know that Jon had his VERY IMPORTANT interview today that determines whether or not he’s going to be ordained.

Well… we got to the Ayers Suites where all the interviews were taking place and found out that Jon’s final internship evaluations hadn’t been sent to the Synod. This is a problem. Thankfully, I was available to call the sem and see if they could be faxed. No luck. So I and my friend Brian (a really good college friend who lives close to where the interview was taking place and who agreed to come and sit with me so I’d be less of a neurotic lepicat) called Jon’s supervisor Bill. Bill was shocked (I think he’d *WATCHED* Jon fax these to the Synod) and so he faxed his eval over and offered to go to our house and find the evals and fax them to us. So… we got the 60+ page fax and Brian helped me sort it into individual evals and we sent them up to the meeting room. Well… the results:

[drum roll]

JON WAS APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Or at least recommended for Approval when they vote on all of this later this afternoon)

We are elated. This means that we go through the Bishop’s Draft in a month and we might actually find out where we’ll be next year.

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  1. Yay! That’s great!!!! What an ordeal at the last minute to have to make all those phone calls and then sort through all the FAXes! I’m glad it got figured out and that Jon’s interview went so well.

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