A Really Stupid Idea

CNN.Com: Israeli official: Killing Arafat is option

How utterly stupid can you get here? If they kill Arafat, there *will* be hell to pay. Arafat is the only one keeping peace there — if not for him, Hamas and its minions would have done *soooooo* much more.

I have a better idea: how about Israel electing someone who is willing to work with the terms from the 1948 creation of the state which *didn’t* usurp land and was agreed upon by both sides? How about getting rid of Sharon who is probably the only person in this world who is a bigger warmonger than Dubya? (He was the minister of defense when Israel invaded Lebanon. And they think this guy wants peace?????)

I used to sympathize with Israel. Then, I learned about all the crap they’ve done to the Palestinians and how idiots like Pat Robertson are supporting them only because they want to speed up the Second Coming. (Pat, Pat, Pat: you can’t force the will of God. Why haven’t we learned this by now???) Israel has committed enough human rights violations against the Palestinians to equal the number of suicide bombings. Do I condone the bombings? No. I sure don’t have all that much sympathy for either side — that’s for sure.

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