What I Wore on Sunday: Easter 2013

What I Wore Sunday

I actually made it to church today.

Wait… aren’t you a pastor’s wife?

I am. Unfortunately, it has been “the winter of the sick” for Daniel and I as well as Daniel regressing to “OMG-I-must-throw-a-massive-tantrum-because-Mommy-is-evil-and-won’t-let-me-slam-the-sanctuary-doors” stage which makes worship a complete joy.

This is Daniel and I after church today. I was going to pose with another grumpy object but my house panther was otherwise occupied and my demon spawn Freya had other plans.

What I wore today for Easter

Dress: Kohls
Cardi: Kohl’s
Shoes: Old Navy flip flops (my other dress shoes are heels and I have to be able to run to catch up with Daniel)

Shirt: Target
Jeans: Carters?

Right now, Jon and Daniel are taking naps as are my feline overlords so I’m going to do the same. Ciao!

Oh yes… go see what everyone else is doing at Fine Linen and Purple as well as at Camp Patton.

Camp Patton

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