Highlights of the Last few Days

  • Kicking my brother’s tail at Trivial Pursuit thrice
  • Playing Charades with my family members, especially after a rum and coke and the 20somethings cleaning out the rum and whiskey balls
  • Watching my mom try to act out “The Screwtape Letters” during said game of Charades
  • Teaching Kristin and Sari how to play Cribbage
  • My cousins flying in from North Carolina to surprise my aunt
  • Being with my extended family and getting a chance to recuperate from the move
  • Teaching Kristin and Sari how to crochet
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    2 thoughts on “Highlights of the Last few Days

    1. game nights should be a bigger part of our lives – you think? we got the kids a new one for Christmas: CONGA, from the CRANIUM people. Good for young kids (ages 8+, but our 6-yr-old did just fine), and we had a blast.

      glad y’all had fun. but thrice at trivial pursuit? wouldn’t happen around here 🙂

    2. they were close games each time (to be fair to my brother). i got absolutely slaughtered at scrabble though. (it’s a full contact sport in my family.)

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