52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose: High School Back Then

This week’s topic: high school back then.

Yeah, high school left serious welts on my psyche so I’m trying to come up with good things.

OK… highlights of high school:

[+] AP classes. Yes, I am a nerd. 🙂 I was “that girl” who took the most challenging classes she could (except for math — math and I didn’t get along until I was done with calculus) and this meant 2 AP classes a year when I was a junior and senior. My US History class was set up as a “college class”. We had “lecture” one day and they opened up the dividers between classrooms so all 4 classes could have the same “lecture” and then the next day or two would be “small group” where we would discuss the lecture with our actual teacher. It was brutal at the time but really prepped me for college. AP Biology was fun — we dissected minks and it was interesting. AP French was kind of the default for the 4th year of French at my high school and it was a language so I loved it. My AP English teacher had a saying that “everyone needs to bring something to the party” and it was one of those classes where you had better have done the reading and be ready to contribute.

[+] Music Appreciation. I took the *BEST* Music Appreciation class with a teacher who had a passion for communicating it to his students and who got even the slackers to dress up and haul butt to ballets, symphony concerts, and operas. It was pretty common to see one of the slackers at a concert in a shirt and tie and to think “dang… they clean up well!” I saw some amazing ballet, was close enough to the pianist at one symphony concerts to see that his socks didn’t match, and saw “I Pagliacci” and “La Boheme”. I mean, I was a pianist and classical vocalist so a lot of it, I would have learned anyway but my teacher taught others how to read music! He also got me (Miss “Terrified of Solos”) up and doing a duet with one of the other girls in my class. It was also good to get class credit for participating in the “You-Sing-It Messiah” with the San Jose Symphonic Choir.

[+] Proving my Junior English teacher wrong. My teacher for Junior Honors English was a wench. She took particular joy in torturing particular students in each class and I was one of her favorite targets. One of my friends actually took a couple of my essays to her AP English teacher who read them and told her that my English teacher was batcrap crazy. She refused to give me a recommendation for AP English which I took anyway… and I got straight A’s in the class while her pets dropped out in the first week because they couldn’t deal with having to regurgitate the 8 books we had to read over the summer for timed writings. I’m not the bigger person so I *did* mention sweetly that I got straight A’s in AP English to her at graduation though I refrained from calling her the things I wanted to call her.

I think I’ll go nurse my re-opened wounds now.

Now go see Becky and what everyone else did in high school.

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