Link-Up: What to Read in 2014

I’m joining Liesl in talking about what to read this year.


Between Heaven and Mirth by James Martin, S.J. The guy is the official chaplain of Colbert Nation — I trust him with my spirituality. 😉 In all seriousness, he is incredibly entertaining as a speaker and he writes in a way that is accessible to everyone, not just Catholics or Jesuits. This particular book of his makes a compelling case for having a sense of humor about one’s faith and realizing that God is chill with us laughing at ourselves and things in our spirituality.


What’s So Amazing About Grace? by Philip Yancey. This is a book focused on what grace is, what grace looks like, and why grace is the thing that distinguishes Christianity from every other religion in the world. Every Christian needs to read it regardless if you’re Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox.


A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans. Can I just say that I want to be Rachel Held Evans when I grow up… and I’m a year older than she is? I swear that she’s my long lost twin, at least in how she writes and how she speaks about things. She has my same snarky sense of humor and she isn’t afraid to ask questions as a way to shore up her faith. This book covers a year in her life where she explores aspects of “biblical womanhood” which is a nebulous phrase thrown around frequently in evangelical circles.


The Bible. Most of my blog readers are Christian and I’m addressing this to them in addition to those who read this blog who aren’t. Read through the Gospels and learn about Jesus. Read the Psalms and see how the people of God pray and how we are called to pray in all circumstances. Read the Book of Acts and see how the faith spread through the Middle East, Greece, and Rome. Read the Book of Job and see how faith can endure through suffering and how God is present even in the midst of it.


Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint by Nadia Bolz-Weber. I’m a conservative and confessional Lutheran who is part of a denomination that doesn’t ordain woman and yet I’m recommending this book. The reason: Nadia has an annoying habit of telling things as she sees them and I think we need to listen, regardless of whether or not we agree.

Now that you have your reading list, go show Liesl some love and thank her for hosting this link-up!

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