Concert Report and Scrooge Sighting

Kym here again, and yes, this is after Jen has returned. I’ve been meaning to write this all week, and time has not permitted until now.

First the Scrooge(s) sighting. Dean and I were downtown Sacramento, literally across the street from the capitol building for a concert last week. It was Saturday, December 28. Now I realize it was after Christmas, but only by a few days. There was not one “holiday” light, no tree, no nothing at the capitol building. Nada. While our state government might have been trying to impress all of us with how much they are saving by not lighting Christmas lights, knowing how they are, I think it is much more likely that we are surrounded by grinches and scrooges. Jerks.

Anyway, on to the concert report. We saw Straight No Chaser. It was a fabulous show. I’ve liked them for a couple of years, and Dean was willing to go with me, and we both had a good time. The first half was not Christmas music, but all kinds of other things – some medleys, some fun stuff, and silliness throughout. The second half was all Christmas, which was delightful. The audience was laughing the whole time, both at the music and at the shenanigans happening on stage.

During the intermission I was able to get a couple of CDs and a t-shirt. My very first concert t-shirt ever! They definitely know their fanbase (fat middle aged women) because they had shirts in my size (3X) and in purple. After the show, I got one of the CD jackets signed by all the guys. It was terrific. If you get a chance to see them, I highly recommend it.

I’d had my hair and makeup done, since this was a big date night for the two of us, and I’d been gifted with a hair/makeup certificate at a local salon. So I looked good. I felt good. And this turned out to be very important because we bumped into an ex of mine. I was able to have the attitude of “see what you missed out on?” It is kind of fun to be able to gloat that way. When the ex tried to invite himself to dinner with Dean and I, I told him it was a special date night for us. And it was – but while we were at dinner, we figured out that it was an extra special date. 13 years ago last Saturday night was the first time Dean and I met IRL. We’d been emailing and talking for months, but that date was the first face time we’d had.

Oh, and the concert was at The Crest Theater, one of the first movie palaces built in Sacramento. The architecture and decor were amazing. I took some pictures, but they didn’t come out well.

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome back Jen.

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