What Marriage Is Teaching Me: September 2014

Amanda just posted the link-up for this month so if you’re interested, go here.

I think this month has reinforced to me the necessity of taking time to act like a married couple. We’re living with my in-laws so there are some things we can’t do that we could do if we were living on our own. On the other hand, we’re actually getting to do things like have date nights because my mother-in-law is graciously watching Daniel for us so we can go walk through the mall and look at stores like adults, have conversations on whether or not we should try for more kids (my biological clock is smacking me upside the head and screaming “NOW! NOW! NOW!), and just focus on some of the aspects of our relationship that are really hard to work on because of Daniel. Jon has two weddings and supply-preaching this weekend in San Diego and I get to go with him and stay down there overnight. I’m looking forward to it so that we can talk, we can look into each other’s eyes, and have actual time together that isn’t solely focused on Daniel.

By the way, one thing I *REALLY* wish had been brought up in pre-marital counseling is the need to date your spouse and to build those times into the relationship because it is so easy to just go into crisis mode with regard to everything when you have a kid with special needs and it can really take a toll on both spouses.

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