7 Quick Takes: Things I Will Not Miss About California

7 Quick Takes

I’m less than a week from the move and to keep myself in the “Washington is a good move” mode, here are some things I will not miss about California. (To be fair, I will miss a lot of people, the redwood forests, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco.)

— 1 —

The heat. It’s in the 90’s this week and might hit 100F on Friday. I’m looking at the radar for the area where I am moving in Washington and it’s in the 50’s there. I’m jealous — I hate the heat and I can’t wait to not be dealing with high 80’s and 90’s every day of summer. #climatechangeisreal #globalwarming #hothothot #noairconditioning

— 2 —

Non-Californians assuming that I live near Disneyland and that I could go every day. Anaheim (where Disneyland is located) is 8 hours away from where I live right now. Even when I was living in southern California, I never went because it is seriously expensive to go and Daniel would not get anything out of it. I think the last time I went was 13.5 years ago?

— 3 —

The desert. Just nope. Hot, ugly, and full of poisonous snakes.

— 4 —

Southern California in general. I’m a die-hard northern Californian. I instinctively root AGAINST the Dodgers, the Angels, the Lakers, the Chargers, and any other southern California team. It’s also too hot down there, there are too many people, and very little is within walking distance because it’s completely a car culture.

— 5 —

Traffic. LA traffic is horrible, Sacramento traffic is a level of hell, and Bay Area traffic can be annoying. Granted, Seattle traffic is worse (and they’re in denial about it) but I won’t be living in Seattle, so I probably won’t have to deal with too much of it.

— 6 —

Avocado on everything. I hate avocados. I hate guacamole. I hate Mexican food.

— 7 —

The pollution. While southern California has gotten better about smog, the Central Valley is horrible as is the Sacramento area. Daniel had more respiratory issues up there than anywhere else we have lived.

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Things I Will Not Miss About California

  1. I moved from California too (LA), and as much as I miss it sometimes, your list is beyond accurate! I don’t miss the traffic or the sweltering heat either, and I very rarely went to Disneyland!

  2. I know the day is coming when I will have to make this list too (currently in Berkeley.) It can’t be as diffcult as leaving Texas. Right?….

  3. I think people forget how long of a state California is. I don’t know that I could ever live there…in So. Cal., that is.
    Good luck on the move!

  4. ha! I live about 15 min. from Disneyland and I haven’t been in … twenty years or so? Because, yes! EXPENSIVE.

    But I enjoy going to Downtown Disney sometimes…

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