31 Days of Parenting Kiddos with Special Needs: Blogger Spotlight on Mary of “Passionate Perseverance”

31 Days of Parenting Kiddos with Special Needs

Choosing to do this challenge during this particular October was kind of a crazy idea because I’m currently juggling school, being a mom, my own 3+ times a week attempts at blogging, and making sure all the I’s are dotted/T’s crossed for Daniel. (That last one is separate from being a mom because it’s another full-time job on top of basic parenting.) Knowing this, I built in some “cheater” topics for busy days/weeks and one of them is spotlighting bloggers who have kiddos with special needs. There are some bloggers who were complete no-brainers in terms of inclusion: Mary of Passionate Perseverance, Kelly of This Ain’t the Lyceum!, Rebecca of Backwards in High Heels, Kathleen of So Much to Say…, Cammie of Beyond Pearls, and Sarah of Wifeytini. I’m going to spotlight Mary today and save the rest for other times!

Why I’m spotlighting this blogger: Mary is getting spotlighted because I wish she lived nearby as she is just awesome beyond words!!! (If you don’t believe me, read this post put together by a mutual friend. The author was hoping to get 7 things about Mary to post for 7 Quick Takes but got WAAAAAY more because so many of us wanted to share about her.)

Her daughter Courtney had seizures from infancy onward until she passed away on December 27, 2014 at the age of 22. She spent her life in a wheelchair, receiving tube feedings, and giving her parents and older brother scares like nothing else. I would have been the most bitter and angry person if this had been my life because Court’s level of care was so intense… and Mary *TOTALLY* isn’t. She has the same sense of gallows humor that I do, she went out of her way to encourage mamas like me even when Courtney wasn’t doing well or even in the weeks and months after Court’s passing, she made sure that Court was always dressed to the nines (we’re talking better clothes and outfits than I will ever hope to be able to put together), she chose to be authentic about what she was dealing with daily with Court and how it’s all OK (even when it absolutely sucks in the moment) because love ultimately wins, and she’s now writing books and speaking about her experiences in parenting Courtney. (If you’re in the DC area and need a pro-life speaker, get in touch with her NOW. I mean it.) After Court’s passing, she became the liturgical coordinator at her church which allowed her to be present with grieving families as they were dealing with a profoundly dark time in their lives… which is amazing because she was still dealing with her own grief. She recently made the decision to quit her liturgical coordinator job and is now writing and speaking on life with Court.

Seriously, I will be hugging her and probably bawling my eyes out if we ever get a chance to meet in person because she has been such a support to me (we’ve had Facebook chats while sitting in ER bays with children who seem to enjoy giving us scares), she has done vlogs where she encourages other mamas of special kids (with Courtney in the background making Chewbacca noises), and she just radiates happiness in her faith.

So please, go check out her blog Passionate Perseverance RIGHT NOW!