7 Quick Takes: Jen’s To-Do List

7 Quick Takes

I need a Pensieve and I figure that blogging out my to-do list might help me sort stuff out.

— 1 —

Put a better blogroll together with sites that I actually *READ*. My blogroll is circa 2008-2009 and I really need to update it now that some people have stopped blogging (and taken up Facebook instead) while I’ve started reading other blogs.

— 2 —

Share this page of ways to help those in Aleppo. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve seen pictures of people dying in Aleppo and unless you have the heart of a Grinch, it has likely disturbed you. This is a link to some ways you can help those still in Aleppo. I know that my twin brother is donating to Doctor’s Without Borders on my behalf as a Christmas present because they’re working in the midst of this catastrophe.

— 3 —

Make a counseling appointment. I’m not going to lie — I’ve had a really hard time with this holiday season. I’ve already been grinchy for 10 years now but it’s getting worse with the impending finalization of my divorce. I’m going to dig out the list that my doctor gave me and see who can get me in the fastest.

— 4 —

Sort out the paper explosion that is my desk. Maybe I’ll be able to find my student ID card if I do this! I also have medical stuff and beaucoup receipts to file for tax purposes.

— 5 —

Make additional address labels for the additional cards that need to go out. I need to get my Avery skillz working tomorrow and make labels to go on the Christmas cards that still need to go out. Granted, I need to wait for them to arrive from Shutterfly but still…

— 6 —

Read through the “O” antiphons. This was the item that I drew today in my church’s Advent game. The timing was fabulous because one would traditionally start doing that in the next couple days!

— 7 —

Go to the post office for more stamps. Sending out more cards means that I need more stamps!

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