The Simple Woman’s Daybook: December 26, 2017

For Today… December 26, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It was in the 30’s today. No new snow (though that might happen in the next 24 hours) but cold enough to make everything slippery. Our whitish Christmas (snow from midnight to noon on Christmas Day) is melting.

I am thinking… about Good Friday. We had a parish Advent devotional this month and I was thinking about what I would write if people decide to put a Lenten one together and which day I would take. I have some thoughts about Holy Week and Good Friday that I should spin into a post on here but could also be used if I were to contribute to the Lenten one. As I’m pondering all of this, I got clarity about where God was on March 1, 2011 when Daniel almost died. This is so needed after 6 1/2 years of breaking down every time I have to talk about it.

I am thankful… for my “evil” twin brother. His work schedule has been kind of strange for the last two years so he ended up with us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My bed had collapsed and broken at 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve so I was in a great deal of pain. He had experienced a similar issue (bites my thumb at IKEA and their stupid design) and was able to jury-rig it using my cookbook collection to keep one of the bars in place that had sheared off. (The replacement part should be arriving on January 1st.)

One of my favorite things… quiet when everyone is gone or everyone is asleep.

I am wearing… jammies. Clothes today were my long-sleeved blue-green shirt and jeans to head to the pediatrician’s office and then jeans capris and a grey shirt when I got home. My back is screwed up 10 ways past Sunday so anything loose-fitting is the name of the game.

I am creating… blog entries and plotting crocheting projects. There will probably be socks in the future.

I am listening to… Audrey Assad. She is delightful. I continue to be in love with the song “I Shall Not Want” and it continues to be relevant for my spirit.

I am hoping… to get my Moveable Type entries uploaded at some point so I have a complete archive.

I am learning… some Spanish using Memrise. School starts again for me next Wednesday.

In my kitchen… eating leftovers after 3 days of family dinners.

In the school room… Daniel is off until the 2nd and asks every morning if he can go to school.

Post Script… I’m linking up two fellow bloggers from my church who were instrumental in putting together our fabulous Advent devotion: Ashley Sweeney and Keith Axberg. Go show them some love and buy Ashley’s book!

Shared Quote… Yeah… this is totally me.

I hate to admit that this is me a lot of the time...

A moment from my day… Our choral anthems from the Christ Mass on Sunday night:

Closing Notes: I hope y’all have a blessed Christmas season for those who celebrate.

Our mildly unconventional creche at church...

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