7 Quick Takes: Best Cat Instagrams Edition

7 Quick Takes

For those who don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram, my parents’ grey cat Homer had a rare and very severe reaction to his rabies shot and developed an IMHA. I rushed him to the vet on Sunday morning and had to miss a family wedding so I could be on-call for the vet. (It was also bloody hot and I was having knee issues, so chasing my sweet child around would have been a no-go. The cousin getting married is my favorite, so I was really bummed to miss it even though I had legit reasons.) The vet was convinced that we’d be having a euthanasia appointment on Monday… until he came back into the room and found Homer lifting his head and purring as my mom talked to him and cuddled him. He improved daily and came home last night, but is having to go back today for a couple days of getting stronger and learning to take his meds without killing the person medicating him. (He can be a bad cat on occasion and we’re loving that at the moment because it means he’s getting better.)

In his honor, here are my favorite cat Instagram accounts.

— 1 —

benbencatcat BenBen is a ginger tabby in British Columbia with very sad eyes. He was attacked by a dog, took a while to be adopted, but is a very loved boy. He and his humans trade the best hashtags in conversations on their posts. Example: #benbenmeltmelt (during the recent heatwave) and #benbenvroomvroom (he was sitting in his dad’s motorcycle gear).

— 2 —

monkandbean Monk is a black cat with vampire fangs and Bean is his bestie and brother. They go out on adventures with their humans on cat harnesses and are frequently dressed up with interesting bandanas and cat costumes.

— 3 —

burmaadventurecat Burma is a brown cat with a white muzzle and paws who goes on high adventure outings with his dad and dogs. His staff is the same family who is Monk’s staff. 😀 It’s not uncommon to see pictures of him swimming in the ocean or exploring the desert with his human dad.

— 4 —

blackcats.matter Because OBVIOUSLY!!! (For those who don’t know, I have a thing for blackers kittehs and miss mine very much.)

— 5 —

justmangobrown Mango is a very affectionate Bengal who is known for giving his dad kisses. 😀 (His parents are having a heck of a time with fertility and Mango is helping them deal with the pain.) Bengals can be absolute nightmares but I think he’s an F3 generation so that might be why he is such a love.

— 6 —

bobo.the.bengal Bobo’s humans live on Long Island and met Burma’s humans one day. Many of Bobo’s adventures take place around NYC, especially on beaches.

— 7 —

smokey_theblackpanther Anyone surprised I follow him? 😀 He’s a gorgeous black mancat — I’m positively smitten with him!

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