Believe Survivors

I have been staying as far away from TV and social media as I can because I want to slap everyone who claims that Dr. Ford is making this all up and who are posting memes about worrying that a girl is going to make something up to ruin their son’s life. Heck, I want to slap everyone who has responded with an “I don’t know who is lying” because a woman just had to tell about the most humiliating moment of her life publicly and face people gaslighting her.

This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. This is about how victims of sexual assault (male and female) are shamed because of what happened to them. All of us have been forced to relive our attacks in the last few weeks. Some people are talking about theirs for the first time EVER.

I, unfortunately, have several stories. I’m public about one of them and not about the others. All were horrible experiences and having to recount what happened was humiliating as I felt like the assault was occurring again each time I was forced to tell my story. Only one faced justice and his dipshit friends tortured me for months afterward. I’ve been in therapy to deal with them and times like these rip the scab off the wounds.

I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

I believe survivors.

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