For Those Without A Password

I’ve been posting a lot of passworded entries lately because I’ve been dealing with some really harsh issues. There’s been some tensions at the churches (which is getting resolved and not all that serious now) and being the pastor’s wife, I got a lot of the tensions directed at me.

In addition, my PTSD has been flipping out as has my asthma and this has caused some serious problems. We’re getting the problems solved but a whole lot of people now know about my depression and PTSD that I wasn’t really wanting to tell and the way they found out about it was not how I would have wanted them to find out.

I’ve REALLY needed an outlet to write about a lot of this and so I’ve been taking advantage of the passworded entries. There are some things that I don’t really want the world reading and I know that my parents probably would prefer that the world didn’t see everything I was going through. (Hi Dad!)

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