Please Pray

Jon’s little cousin Libby is in the ICU with asthma problems. Please pray that she gets better.

I’m off to make a get well card for her!


Quoth Jon:

I’m going to go have some ginger ale so I can be a fox in socks with detox on the rocks.

Yes, I promise to mix some Valium into his ginger ale. The pun was so awful that I actually turned my computer back on to blog this.

Birthday Surgery

Jon’s birthday is today and his big present: 2 hours of surgery under general anesthesia to remove cysts from his head! It went well and after 4 hours of letting the anesthesia wear off, he came home.


Jon’s birthday is Thursday. I got his present yesterday.

My father-in-law’s birthday is in September. I just ordered some llama parts for him off of The Heifer Project. (OK… it should technically be “shares of a llama”, not llama parts. Then again, you probably started reading more closely at that point, didn’t you?)

The giving of donation gifts started when my mom sent me an article on Project Linus and asked if I was going to do anything for them. I offered to donate a blanket or two in her name as a birthday present. When I told my mother-in-law, she told me that she wanted a donation to The Heifer Project. My father-in-law asked for the same thing and asked that it be an animal with big brown eyes and soft fur. I love it when my birthday giving is tax-deductible!